Welcome to the 2nd year of The Coach's Academy, a membership community of like-minded coaches and leaders who strive to inspire, teach and empower other coaches to be the VERY best in their field. 



The Coach’s Academy objective:

To provide valuable insights, and coach-specific training, to help you to be the most influential and successful COACH you can possibly be. The content provided is designed to help effectively empower any COACH in any industry to have more confidence and knowledge to deliver their message.


Our TARGET Audience:

If you're growth-minded and strive to be a person of excellent character, you're precisely the kind of person/coach we want for this community. This is not a program only for athletic coaches; if you're aspiring to become a coach, or if you are already a business coach, a life coach, a financial coach, or any kind of coach, we ALL have one thing in common; We're ALL in the PEOPLE business...! So, The Coach's Academy welcomes you to come and lock arms with us so we can inform, empower and encourage you.


WHAT's IN IT for you...?

When you enroll as a qualified member, you will receive access to 12 LIVE ZOOM webinars, (with Q&A) the SECOND Saturday of every month at 10 am eastern standard time.

In addition to the regular 1-hour training sessions, there will be a total of FOUR, 90-minute SUPER-SESSIONS (Jan 8 Kickoff, March 12,  June 11, and September 10).  These workshop SUPER-SESSIONS will add additional value through coaching workshop insights, communication and connection techniques, conceptual information, motivational teachings, and more...

14+ Hours of jammed-packed, informational offerings that will help you in your day-to-day coaching journey. The goal is to provide tremendous value for your membership investment with a coaching-community-feel that will most certainly help empower and inspire you to grow your coaching influence.


Who is HOSTING the program...?

The Coach's Academy Saturday training sessions are co-hosted by 2 very dynamic, engaging, and entertaining entrepreneur coaches:



Coach Gord MacFarlane 

aka; Coach Cool: 

  • Master Trainer, Human Behavior Specialist
  • International Bestselling Author
  • Million-Dollar round table sales professional
  • Highly successful business entrepreneur
  • Proven championship athletic coach 

Coach JJ Brun 

aka; The Retired Spy:


  • Executive Master Trainer, Human Behavior Specialist
  • Director of Distance Learning, Personality Insights Inc. 
  • International Best Selling Author
  • Highly Successful Business Owner/Entrepreneur: DHC Training Solutions Inc. 
  • Former member of the Canadian Forces (HUMINT) Intelligence Branch



12-month annual membership to The Coach's Academy for only $20.00 / mth  ($240 USD / year)


MONTHLY PAY Membership

12-month annual membership to The Coach's Academy for only $25 USD / mth or ($299 USD / year)


Both Gord and JJ are world-traveled coaches who have each "BEEN THERE & DONE THAT" in the world of professional business and entrepreneurship and athletic coaching individually for over 40 years. 

The Coach's Academy will be inviting different subject matter experts, championship coaches, and business professionals who will bring their expertise to the program each Saturday session to help you take your coaching to the next level. 

The hope is to be able to provide you with the opportunity to connect with and learn from some of the most experienced and influential coaches from all over the world from many different industries and representing many different vocations. 

The Coach's Academy, coaching community is an experience that won't just engage and entertain you, it will transform you...!

Testimonial about Coach Gord

Gordo has helped me become more confident in my communication with people by knowing their unique personality and know what to focus on so I can have more meaningful conversations with them.

Gordo inspires me with his ability to reframe the issues and challenges surrounding our group and allows me to change my perspective to see the people challenges I often face as opportunities.

Knowledge is power and knowing and understanding the elements of behavior-based, performance mindset coaching with Gordo provides more knowledge about the athletes we lead and coach.  The most valuable bit of knowledge is knowing why people say and do the things they do, which helps me as a coach greatly.

Jason Lammers
Niagara University
Men's Division 1 Hockey Head Coach

Testimonial about Coach JJ

JJ’s own practical experience helped me understand what the training and speaking market is
looking for and how to create a polished approach that would ensure I’d be ready for business
when the phone started ringing.

JJ’s vast training and experience using the (DISC) Model for Human Behaviour helped to fast-
track my learning curve by showing me how to leverage the right products to support the desired
results for my clients.

JJ’s mentoring and coaching sessions offer bite-sized actionable steps which catapulted me
toward the intended goal, moving me closer toward the desired outcome, each month.

If your goal to speak or train from the stage with authority and conviction, JJ provides insight,
action steps, and a bit of alchemy mixed in, to help you get the outstanding results you’re
looking for.”

Jennifer R. MaxwellThe Art of Connection
Connector/Talent Excavator/Joy Finder


12-month annual membership to The Coach's Academy for only $20.00 / mth  ($240 USD / year)


MONTHLY PAY Membership

12-month annual membership to The Coach's Academy for only $25 USD / mth or ($299 USD / year)


Connect with Gordon MacFarlane 

Performance Mindset Coach


Download your FREE COPY NOW!

3 KEYS to developing the mindset of a World Class Athlete
Written by Gordon Macfarlane

  • How to communicate to connect (build strong bonds of trust through rapport to have relational synergy and performance success)
  • Discover your unique giftedness along with your athlete's unique giftedness (learn personal value proposition for the purpose of building faith, belief and confidence)
  • How to create and maintain ideal environments to enhance consistently strong performances (help athletes to feel celebrated to reach their limitless potential)
  • How to build and maintain the G.R.I.T. needed for performance and mental toughness.
  • How to develop and lead a strong performance culture of excellence.